Windownaut 1.3.1 Released – Fully compatible with the latest macOS Sierra preview

windownaut1Yes, it’s finally here. Windownaut niggles with 10.10 and 10.11 have been fixed.

It’s also fully compatible with macOS Sierra Gold Master.

Grab it here.

One thing users of the app find invaluable, which was quite a revelation of how useful a tiny feature can be, is to pop up a Finder window containing the document open in the currently active app window. For instance, if you’ve ever had a bunch of document windows open for Numbers or Pages, and you’ve lost track of the Finder windows or can’t bother to dig them up, all you have to do is ctrl-click (or right click) the yellow/minimize document window button. A Finder window will instantly pop up the file’s folder with the file highlighted.

The way this works is highly configurable – you can specify the exact window button to configure, click type and modifiers.

Multi-corner window moving and resizing, which has been abandoned by some other similar apps, continues to work flawlessly as well.


Windownaut 1.0

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. The first post-beta version of Windownaut.

If your window wrangling adventures are tiresome, then this app could very well be something you need.

Give it a try.

Multi display development on the go

On the road

It’s more often than not that access to a multi monitor setup is a must while developing MenuEverywhere. More so than mere convenience, a secondary display ensures that specific functionality such as the screen top menu bar option works just as it should.

While this is not an issue back at the office, it can be a problem while traveling.

Air Display to the rescue

Coupled with an iPad and a Huawei E5830 “mi-fi” unit, a second display can be added in a cinch with Air Display.

Obviously, video playback on it leaves a lot to be desired, but for purposes of MenuEverywhere functionality testing and dual monitor text editing and browsing, it works really well.


Windownaut public beta released

The first public beta of Windownaut, a window sizer and mover by Binary Bakery, has been released.

Grab it here.

Would appreciate any and all feedback.

Goodbye, Steve.

Steve JobsAs a child of the 80’s the home and personal computer culture as defined by companies such as Apple, Commodore and Atari has always been an indelible part of my personal history.

Steve Jobs represents a considerable part of that history. His passion and drive for perfection and simplicity in design and operation are all enduring aspects of his work that will forever be a part of what I; and I’m sure many others, strive for. Whether it is designing apps for Binary Bakery or some other, perhaps not computer related task, that force of striving for perfection is now a constant in what I do.

Thank you, Steve. May God bless your soul.

MenuEverywhere toolbar icons get a facelift

The very talented JJ Ying from IconMoon graciously donated his skills to breathe new life into MenuEverywhere’s toolbar icons.

The new icons, a far, far better set than what I could muster on my own, look terrific.

New MenuEverywhere toolbar icons

It’s also worth noting that JJ is behind MenuEverywhere’s app icon and the new Binary Bakery site design.

MenuEverywhere and MenuPop are compatible with Lion

Just what the title says. Managed to do some major testing and minor changes with MenuEverywhere and MenuPop to work without a hitch on Lion (10.7).

Previous versions had a bit of a temperamental startup on 10.7 which is no longer the case with MenuEverywhere 1.9.2 and MenuPop 1.3.6.

Welcome to the jungle as they say, or something like that.