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version 2.0 - size: 4.8MB
Buy $14.95
Works with 10.6+ including Mavericks.
The ultimate menu bar tool.
A whole lot of awesome...
  • Window-Top Menu Bars
    Attach a menu bar to the active app window.
  • Screen-Top Menu Bars
    Unlimited screens. Unlimited menu bars.
  • Pop-Up Vertical App Menu
    Your app menu at your fingertips.
  • Customizable Look and Behavior
    Font size, themes and per app settings.
  • Works with single and multi-screen setups.
    Unlimited screens. Unlimited menu bars.
  • Enhances Mavericks Menu Bar
    Window-top? Pop-up? Themes? No problem!
  • Works with Snow Leopard +
    Multi-menu bars on pre-10.9 systems.
  • Works With Almost Any OS X App
    Extensive development ensures reliability.
and we're not the only one's who think so...
  • 'ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I just bought a Matrox TripleHead2Go and am running three monitors with my MacBookPro. MenuEverywhere definitely fills a need! Thanks for having the vision to create this piece of software.'
    -Frank G. Rizzo (Educator)
  • 'MenuEverywhere is an amazingly simple app that is a huge workflow aid, especially on my large monitors.'
    -Bruce Miller (Film and TV Composer)
  • 'The software is everything I ever could dream of for my three monitors and more. Fantastic Work.'
    -Barry Roskin (Film Director)
  • 'You don't realise until you install MenuEverywhere how much productivity gain it provides. Application menus always are close at hand via a pop-up or at the top of a window. And Hisham is an exemplary developer: he has added rapidly to the functionality of MenuEverywhere and is quick to respond to suggestions for changes to the interface or addition of new features. All-in-all, one of the most cost-effective additions you can make to your Mac experience, even if you use only a single screen.'
    -Pete Lovell (Academic)
  • 'As a user of Mac software for over 20 years, I'm very pleased to add MenuEverywhere (ME) to my 'must have' utilities. It allows me to spread multiple windows across multiple monitors, and still have a menu bar everywhere! The creator of ME is constantly expanding/developing his software, making it especially delightful.'
    -Arthur C. Reed
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